First Consultation At the first consultation, a thorough assessment will be conducted, which will include taking a history of your problem and any relevant medical history. Self-report questionnaires may also be administered. Details of any previous treatments may also be taken. During the consultation, Dr Hadjipateras-Giannoulis will discuss your treatment options and  will advise you on the most appropriate course of treatment depending on your circumstances, problems and needs. Further Consultations Most clients are seen either weekly or fortnightly; regularity of therapy is vital to enhance the likelihood of effectiveness. […]

Visit me in Athens

In Greece 24 Fleming str Postcode 15123 – Nea Filothei Telephone number 210 6816850, 210 6891460 Fax 210 6897341

Visit me in London

Dr Hadjipateras-Giannoulis practises in N.Filothei, Athens and  Harley street, central London. In the UK 72 Harley, London W1G 7HG Telephone number 0207 580 4224 Fax 0207 580 0810  

Skype sessions

The doctor can help you also remotely through Skype. Her skype name is: katingohg