Individual Therapy


Therapeutic areas of expertise in adults
Depression (including post-natal depression)
Stress/anxiety management (including relaxation training)
Stress-related physical illness & pain management (e.g. Irritable
Bowel Syndrome; headaches; chronic fatigue syndrome etc.)
Panic attacks
Fears & phobias (including specific phobias; social anxiety;
agoraphobia; claustrophobia etc.)
Eating problems (e.g. bulimia & anorexia)
Crisis intervention
Bereavement & loss (including sudden infant death syndrome)
Obsessive Compulsive disorder
Sleep problems
Memory training
Anger management
Assertiveness training & confidence building

Specific psychological problems found in children & adolescents
Emotional problems (e.g. fears, bereavement, anxiety, dealing with
divorce & parental separation)
Temper tantrums
Sleep problems
Aggressive/disruptive/antisocial behaviour
Eating & feeding difficulties (e.g. food faddiness; anorexia; bulimia)
Toileting difficulties
Overactivity, organization, attention & concentration difficulties associated with ADHD
Sibling rivalry
School – related difficulties (e.g. underachievement; school refusal, bullying etc.)
Social communication problems & perspective-taking difficulties associated with ASD
Selective mutism