Group Therapy

Τhe next group aims to run from October 2022 till June 2023.

Group therapy may be undertaken for both adults (e.g. assertiveness training; anger management; anxiety management, behaviour management for parents etc.) and youngsters (e.g. social competence and anti-bullying for youngsters; anxiety management etc). Groups need sufficient numbers of compatible participants.


Adolescent training Workshops:

Title 1: Why does my confidence keep playing hide & seek!

Workshop description

This workshop will give you some innovative practical skills and knowledge to improve your self-confidence; it will show you how to present yourself confidently in a variety of situations.

Title 2: How to get the best out of me!

Workshop description:

This workshop will give you some innovative practical tools and knowledge to make the most of your learning.

Social interaction group programme for adults with ASD

Our related website Autism In Adults.

For most individuals with ASD or high-functioning Autism, social relationships can be highly challenging. Groups enable us to explore our social network, allow us to share our experiences, our challenges and our successes, whilst at the same time bringing us into contact with individuals who understand us. This innovative group combines a therapeutic and a social approach, aiming to improve individuals’ social interaction skills and social relationships.

It is a training group that also provides supportive social opportunities and experiences within the community (e.g. theatre, cinema, bars, restaurants etc.), thus enabling the group participants to practice their social skills.

The next group will run from Oct 2020 til June 2021 and is co-run with Michael Mangos, psychologist.

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